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CNC Router Machine made from steel

Cnc Router Kit Made from Steel

Now we have available Cnc router welded fully made from steel.

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The Machine which I would like to write about is one of the best CNC Router  we build. The first welded machine we ever made was in March 29 , 2015. This machine proved to be working very well that’s why we decided to make it available for sale. Cnc router that I will be writing about is different because it’s completely made of steel therefore, there are no problems with vibrations.
Our Cnc Router Machine is made of:
X axis:
To build the X-axis we used metal plate , thickness 3/4 and square pipe 2″ x 2″. The plates that hold X and are 3/4 in thickness. On both plates there are holes for the bearings 10 x 30 x 8 and 8 x 22 x7 these bearing are for the X axis ball screw in diameter 16mm pitch 5mm c7 precision ball screw made by the company TBI. X axis square pipes 2″ x 2″ are welded to both side plates , these square pipes are drilled and tapped ready to add sbr20 mm linear , the plates also have drilled holes to tighten the plates to the linear from Y axis each side has 10 holes for m6 screws.
Z axis:
Z axis is made of 1/2″ metal plates. The smaller plate is tightened to X axis sbr20 linear bearing , then the 1/2″ plate ( The bigger plate ) is tightened to the smaller plate. We decided to use metal plates to build the Z axis because it’s more stable , with our experience we know that if the Z axis is heavier the better it works.
Y axis:
To build this axis we had to use square pipes in size 2″ x 2″ , we used two long pipes to tighten the sbr20 linear and 4 support pipes. Naturally everything is welded and predrilled ready to add the ball screw.
The machine is shipped in several parts , Y axis frame will be shipped without linear and ball screw because it’s welded. X axis is also welded with the side plates that why it has to be shipped in a wood box separately and Z axis shipped in the third package.